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“What if I Care More about Fixing the Relationship than my Partner?”

When relationships are in trouble, often only one person’s motivated or willing to get help. So can one person turn a relationship turn around?

The short answer is YES, when one person changes or grows, it changes the entire relationship. One person becoming more hopeful, more resilient, and less tempted to fall into their own patterns and habits sets up the relationship on a brand new path.

So if you’re in a relationship with someone who is frustrated, dismissive, frustrated, gives the classic “we’re fine, there’s nothing wrong,” response, or has just plain given up, it does not mean YOU have to join them in their negativity.

We’re social creatures. We get influenced by each other. However, thanks to the power of free will, if you hold your ground, they will get influenced by you rather than the other way around. We’ve seen it happen in thousands of relationships. It’s the reason our relationships courses and programs get consistent results regardless of whether one or both people are looking for change.

This video (and all of our courses and programs, for that matter) will bring faith, hope and certainty to your relationship again.


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