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What if I’m not an epiphany person? How change happens for the rest of us.

Do you ever wish you were one of those people that had a huge life-changing epiphany? What if you’re not one of those epiphany people? Barbara Patterson brings to light a whole new way to see change in yourself and it’s less sensational but certainly real and impactful. Barb’s fresh, down-to-earth and relatable style was introduced to the community when she was asked to present this plenary talk at the 3PGC conference this September (and it was one of our favorites at the conference!). Barb has been partnering with us here at Pransky and Associates for the last year and half. With a fresh new voice she has been an invaluable contributor. We’re thrilled to introduce her and we think you’ll really enjoy her take on things.

Click here to watch her talk entitled “The Principles for Anyone and Everyone “. Enjoy!