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      The Relationship Handbook:


      Unlike most relationship counselors, Dr. Pransky doesn't recommend "working" on a relationship. In this book he challenges everything you thought you knew about how to be happy with your partner. Each chapter exposes a popular, but destructive, misconception about relationships and provides a new understanding that can give troubled couples the fresh start they need.The 25th Anniversary Edition of The Relationship Handbook includes a brand new addendum written by George and Linda Pransky. In George's words, "Believe it or not, I have learned and experienced many things in these past twenty-five years. This retrospective gives me an opportunity to capture that."Together, he and Linda took the most common topics people asked about after reading The Relationship Handbook and wrote seven additional chapters included in this anniversary edition.


      A Book About Thinking Thoughts:


      This richly illustrated picture book is the first children's book by Dr. George and Linda Pransky and creates an excellent introduction to the Principles for young minds. The story follows Cal the Cat who has a lot of different thoughts and feelings all day long. Some thoughts he pays attention to and some he learns to let go of. Cal teaches yound readers how our minds work and the role of thought in everyday life.


      *for young children recommended ages 2-5 years


      A Book about Happiness:


      Written by Linda Pransky, A Book About Happiness explores moods in young children. The story follows Cal the Cat as he finds himself feeling down and unhappy more and more. He spends a lot of time trying to figure out why he is so unhappy, when he knows he used to be a happy cat. Eventually, Cal realizes his happiness is inside of him, it always has been and it always will be. He was simply experiencing a temporary bad feeling, which will go away on it's own if he leaves it alone. 


      *for young children recommended ages 3-8 years

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