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Counting Your Blessings

If I know so much, why do I still worry? Why can’t I get over this if I know it’s just thought? If my clients could see the state of mind I’m in, they would run for the exits!

Yes, we all have this ego chatter but it is what we take for granted that allows us to realize a wonderful life. When we understand the principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, we can have a life built on possibilities that weren’t even visible before. Here is some of what we take for granted that we would have given our eyeteeth for before we understood.

We take for granted that we can change our mind. We know our reality will naturally change for the better. We can’t necessarily pick the timing but we now understand that changing realities are a fact of life and that we now have an opportunity for a second chance. Contrast this with a fixed, permanent reality within which, if we don’t like it, we won’t ever like it. And, if it’s not to our liking we are incapable of enjoying it. We lived in this fixed reality before we understood how predictable and boring it was.

We take for granted that the answers we need are there for the taking even if they are not at hand. We have no idea when new thinking will appear and what it will be. Yet, we feel hopeful and grateful that we come from an intelligence that has no bounds. Not knowing adds intrigue and interest to our lives. Compare that to a reality limited to the best available solutions from the known, plus endless processing to try to make the known work. In this reality, not knowing was frightening and it made us feel stupid. How tedious was that experience before we understood.

We take for granted that the good life is in the cards: the happiness, the love the satisfaction with our life’s work. Sure we can lose sight of that fact, bemoan our fate or struggle unnecessarily; but we know that only our thinking can eclipse the natural ease of the good life. Contrast this with a no pain, no gain reality. Before we understood, we thought we had to earn our happiness against the odds.

We take for granted our entitlement to beautiful feelings and the ease and grace that befalls us. Contentment, if not exhilaration, look natural to us now. Contrast this with a reality within which “fear of worsening” and “waiting for the other shoe to drop” hang over our heads like a cloud, even during good times. Before we understood, we thought that good feelings were the reward for accomplishment.

We take for granted that we have no idea about our potential for well being or accomplishment. Our future is unknown and that is truly exciting. We know that there is no one that is innately wiser, nicer, or more capable then we are. Sure, we might be underachievers so far by those standards but at least we are in good company! Contrast this with a “you-are-what-you-appear-to-be” reality. Before we understood, we thought we had set personalities, give or take the fruits of our willful efforts at self-improvement.

We take for granted that we can’t do permanent harm to each other. Whatever can be done can be undone with forgiveness and understanding. What a relief in the parenting realm! Contrast this with an unforgiving, fragile reality with psychological scars and permanent pain. Before we understood, there seemed to be a down side to trying new things and, even worse, we feared that we might already be damaged goods.

Some final things I take for granted: Just because I think it, doesn’t make it so. How I’m feeling right now won’t last forever. Everyone I meet is lovable despite my thoughts to the contrary. Simply realizing what we take for granted makes us grateful and that feeling of gratitude raises our spirits. Thus, counting our blessings becomes more than just a good idea.

-Dr. George Pransky


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