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Sharing the Principles

Yesterday George and Linda sat down with the 3PGC Registered Practitioners and Apprentices and talked about Sharing the Principles. The talk was based on the White Paper George and his colleagues created, which you can view here (if you are a coach, it's a must read!). If nothing else, enjoy a giggle fit in the first 5 minutes that will no doubt bring a hearty smile to your face.

The purpose of the document is to offer what they learned from Sydney Banks about how to effectively share their understanding of the Three Principles. The document is not about the Principles themselves, but exclusively about guidance for sharing the Principles.

"I can't express enough how helpful the document is, but to watch you two always brings the teachings to life makes me cry with joy. The way the Pransky family, especially Linda and George, live the principles and share their love for each other, live like this, in such a real human way, not staged, or edited to be perfect, is so inspiring. Their vulnerability is what makes its so relatable. Each person on the document has given me a slightly different perspective on the 3Principles, and taught me so much, without even every meeting me, but through your work, writings, recordings and videos. I am blessed to live in a time when this is available to those who seek deeper understanding. Thank you so much for posting this treasure chest of knowledge!" - David Walsh


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