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Six Months




Throughout our careers, we've had the pleasure of working with practitioners and people interested in bringing the principles into their work. Through our own experience and the experience of our students we've seen the power of being able to spend more time with individuals. Not only does time give us the opportunity to go deeper with people, but it also creates amazing momentum in the students' lives and work.


The mentoring program is led by Linda & George Pransky. Our goal during this program is to create a robust, well-rounded experience focused on the student’s grounding in the principles and their personal and professional development. The program is absolutely customized to the individual. During the 6 months, we will actively partner in their learning with the goal of creating a deep, profound and meaningful experience that will ultimately allow students to leverage their learning in any way they choose. Because we devote substantial time and energy to each participant in this program, we limit enrollment to five mentees at a time.


Our practitioner programs are for people who are already familiar with the principles and are either working with the principles in a professional capacity or would like to bring the principles into their work for the first time.


In addition, our strongest desire is to create a closely-knit collegial global network of graduates that become a source of inspiration, insight and support for one another.


As a result of participating in the mentoring program, students will have more confidence in their grounding, more depth and power in their work with others and more certainty in their ability to create a principle-based practice.

Looking for a shorter, virtual option? Click here.

“George Pransky is in a class by himself in his ability to help professionals relate to their clients. What I learned from his course enabled me to have a deeper rapport with clients without having to increase the time I spent with these clients. The result - the clients trusted me more, I enjoyed my practice more, and my referral rate went up significantly. I couldn’t possibly endorse his course more enthusiastically.”


- Rob G

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