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Have You Lost Hope in Your Relationship?

In honor of Valentine's day, we thought we'd share this rather adorable interview with George and Linda. It's a very real discussion that shows how their relationship has changed over the years.

“We always loved each other, a lot, but it would get so obscured by what we were doing and the bad feeling we’d get ourselves in.”

They went from a relationship of constant insecurity, tension, and simply tolerating each other, to fondness, love, and humor. George talks about how their differences have been a growing source of fondness rather than a growing source of irritation.

"If the ordinary things that happen between people became a source of fondness, you can see how rich your relationship would be, and you wouldn't have to wait for those high moments."

This interview provides hope for any relationship, no matter how messy or disconnected it’s become.

This segment is part of the online course INSIGHT for Relationships: More Ups, Less Downs, along with other interviews by George and Linda Pransky and numerous other practitioners and clients.


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