Commonsense Parenting Series

Commonsense Parenting Series



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    This eight part series covers the foundations of parenting from A-Z. Topics include understanding children, psychological functioning, giving guidance, adjustments, credibility, discipline, and much more.

    Recording time: 7 hours 9 minutes




    "I was in my basement yesterday looking for my collection of Pransky & Assoc. Parenting tapes which I purchased decades ago. 

    I’ve been playing them and have been so heartened by re-hearing the message that you offer in those talks.

    It shouldn’t surprise me, but it always does, that because your talks are rooted in the understanding of spiritual principles which help to explain how I / we arrive at our experience of life, that regardless of the title of the talk, the message never fails to be helpful in any/every are of my life. 

    These talks are a great example.  I purchased them when my daughter was in grade school.  They were helpful to our family life, and also very helpful to my life as an adult trying to make sense of the loss of my partner. 

    They also helped me in my relationships as a volunteer reaching out to those trying to stay clean and sober comfortably.  The same principles of guidance and sharing put in to play were perfectly suited.

    Then, many years later when I was having difficulties at my  job and not having much “ease and well-being” in my role as a manager of my team.  Again, I brought the parenting tapes out.  They were enormously helpful to me and I was able to get my footing back on solid ground.  Your Leadership series talks were also very helpful, btw.

    It’s very true; “these tapes were meant to be listened to many time,” and I’m a poster child for that! 

    It’s wonderful that a set of tapes on parenting not only helped my relationship with my daughter, but my role as a manager, my role as a life partner and my relationship with myself and with life.

    I hope you are continuing to enjoy your health and recovery, George.  I was in La Conner back in Sept. when you and Linda explained what your journey had been like over the summer.  We are all so blessed that you are able to continue to share and to teach.

    Blessings to you and all of your loved ones - especially the grand kids!

    I’m so thankful to be hearing your voice with great frequency during this time."


    Andrea Olsen

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