The Real Source of Stress


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    There is no charge for this recording. It is compliments of Pransky and Associates. With such a relevant subject matter, we hope that it is helpful to you and your friends and family.

    Recorded time: 40 minutes




    "I've listened to this talk many times and have shared this understanding with anyone interested in being given a new understanding on the real source of that thing we seemingly love to hate; stress. Dr. Pransky presents this understanding in such a way that it seems obvious and common sense and the listener can be left wondering (as I did) "how did I ever get fooled into thinking that my relationship to stress was that I was its prey?" It's very hopeful to see the error in my ways of thinking I had to battle stress as if it were a swarm of germs, resulting from a situation or event, and the best I could hope for was to avoid, escape and/or cope. Now that view looks completely misguided."



    "I got a lot of value out of listening to this recording and I just love all that I am hearing and seeing from the 3Ps"



    "I have yet to be disappointed with any of Dr. Pransky's audios. He talks at a slow pace then BAM hits you with this wisdom that opens up a place inside of us that stayed dormant. There are no strategies or technics with this audio which frees us to bring out what's already innate in us and this audio does a perfect job in doing that. Another great product!"



    "George's wonderful voice and calm, measured delivery make his ideas very easy to follow. I feel calmer every time I listen. The ideas themselves are also very interesting and neatly described with tangible examples from real life. Highly recommended."



    "I find it enormously helpful to listen to all these Pransky lectures. I love the slowed pace and simplicity with which they are delivered. It's great wisdom, it stays with you."



    "Can't believe this is free. Good to listen to repeatedly. This gets to the real root of stress!!!"


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